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Dealing with Forced Simplicity

I woke to crashing plaster and pouring water. Ten weeks of apartmentlessness followed. Forced simplicity, or being forced to reckon with all of my stuff, is what I had been wanting, but I did not enjoy this package it arrived in. During the demolition after the flood: Admittedly, I was well-positioned to count my blessings, […]

Suggestions on Searching for Second Hand Love

See, I’d just purchased my home and was seeking some new (to me) furnishings. In particular, a chest of drawers for the bedroom. My ‘Baltimore Cottage’ was big on charm but short on closet space. A solution was needed, as my post-college flat-pack special was falling apart. Even though it would house my collection of […]

In a “Rut”? Time to get out!

We’ve all been there. Feeling like we’re trapped in the same boring routine, job, or relationship and there’s no way out. Ruts are generally accompanied by low energy, bad mood, and a sense of helplessness. Like many who experience this, ruts also involve a good bit of self-loathing, ice cream, and pizza, ergo weight gain […]

6 Daily Wellness Takeaways From a Whirling Dervish Italian Vacation

I’m back home. It’s 3 AM in the morning, I haven’t slept soundly since, well forever, but most recently over the past 10 days. I awoke this morning to my cat, who was cuddled and snuggled up with us on the bed when she began making that wretched noise cats make when they are about […]

Controlling Clutter Chaos When You Live with Children

Most children are whirling dervishes of chaos and disorganization. I have heard them aptly referred to as noisy dirt. If you live with children, it is possible to maintain some measure of control until they mature or move out, whichever comes first. You might consider the following: Buy multi-purpose furniture. Think ottomans that double as […]