Green Cleaning

Top to bottom cleaning, leaving no corner untouched!

Clean Matters! Part of Home Wellness is having a clean, organized, functional, happy place to be, home! It’s proven that If your home is dirty and unorganized your mental state suffers, simple decision-making becomes difficult, cortisol levels rise, and you’re at a higher level for heart disease, especially if you’re already predisposed, ALL due to stress from an untidy, unclean home. Almost sounds hoax-y but it’s been proven by numerous studies.

Don’t fret – Make a decision today to ask for help! Only a phone call or form submission away! Type ‘A’ Home professional cleaning service providers know how to clean well! But don’t expect feather dusters and mops or a staff of 6, 8 or more zipping through! Hands-on attention to detail in managing your home well is what make the difference between Type ‘A’ Home and those well-known franchise cleaning companies or even individual people who clean- There IS a difference.

What makes Type A so different from other cleaning companies?

Many of my customers complain that other companies won’t do laundry, dishes, tidy and are stressed out that they have to prepare the home for the cleaning company arriving to clean! Who has time for that? Give yourself a rest and leave your home a mess!- we got it!

Type A Home is a Home Wellness Company that provides, as one of its Lifestyle Management services, residential green cleaning. That’s’ what we do; manage your home. “Not in and out, hurry up to the next home.” We provide a dedicated individual or small team to clean and tidy up, do your laundry, make beds put dishes away, etc and we manage this within the time it takes assessed on the first few visits. If you don’t want your sheets or laundry managed we won’t do that! We understand it sometimes takes a while for you to adjust and get to know and trust other people in your home especially if you’re new to utilizing a service like Type A Home.

Deep cleaning, maintenance cleaning, multi-weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly and a la carte, one-time jobs, move in/move outs. Whatever your cleaning need/desire we are here to help!

Have a feline pet? Be kind to your kitty-Please clean out your own cat boxes.

What we do …

  • Thoroughly clean kitchen: floors, sinks, counter tops, refrigerator, oven, microwave, stove, cabinets, and drawers
  • Wash and put away dishes
  • Remove trash from wastebaskets
  • Take care of recycling
  • Sweep floors and vacuum carpet
  • Dust and damp wipe tables and chairs
  • Clean baseboards, windows, windowsills
  • Dust and wipe surfaces, picture frames, and fixtures
  • Scrub, clean, and sanitize showers, toilets, and sinks
  • Clean and shine mirrors, tile, and glass surfaces
  • Iron, fold, and put away laundry
  • Change sheets and make beds



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