Corporate Concierge

Concierge Services for Your Staff!

Often, employees are hard-pressed for time or they’re unable to maintain an optimum work-life balance. Often overwhelmed when the Chore pile up and duties to be completed at home comes into conflict with work deadlines and schedules causing stress, dis-ease and where mistakes can happen to cost businesses, well, business!

In today’s economy, many companies find it difficult to avoid layoffs, attract the best employees and avoid absenteeism. With fewer employees, each employee must take on larger workloads and this includes longer hours and less personal time. As a result, many executives and employees find themselves having less time to take care of their necessary personal tasks. Studies have shown that 75% of employees take care of personal responsibilities while at work, sometimes spending as much as a third of their business time on these personal tasks. 

Your company will see an increase in productivity, lower turnover rates, better team spirit and increased employee loyalty.  We can customize a business concierge program for your company, providing services to your entire staff or to a specific group of individuals. We offer a unique combination of both concierge and personal assistant services in order to more fully help relieve the stress and burdens of everyday tasks, keeping employees focused and heightening employee morale, all of which leads to reducing costs and increasing profitability.  The struggle to find and keep the best employees has prompted prestigious corporate giants to utilize concierge programs to serve as an employee benefit.  

By offering a corporate concierge service to your employees, you will give your staff:

  • Reduced stress levels knowing personal tasks are being handled professionally and efficiently
  • Fewer distractions from work related tasks
  • Increased focus on their work during working hours
  • More quality time to spend on their home and family life

The benefits of a corporate concierge service to your company are clear:

  • Increased productivity from staff less distracted by personal responsibilities
  • Greater employee loyalty/ lower turnover
  • Positive impact on the bottom line
  • An enhanced ability to acquire and retain the best people in the industry

General Services Include:

  • Catering
  • Chauffeur, Sedan/ Limousine Services
  • Dinner Meetings & Parties
  • Event Planning
  • Hotel Arrangements
  • Messenger & Courier Services
  • Professional Speakers
  • Relocation Services
  • Employee Service Request
  • Community Resource
  • Personal Services

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